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Site hygiene with personal protective equipment

Hygiene on all construction sites, work places, and government offices encourages good housekeeping. Good housekeeping isn’t just important at home, it’s also critical for workplace safety.

Washing facilities and products allow workers and visitors to wash their hands and avoid cross-contamination before eating, drinking, and /or heading home for the day. Workers can wash away harmful substances and use the washing area to service and decontaminate PPE (personal protective equipment). This is particularly important to workers using potentially harmful substances such as paints, solvents, coatings or other materials.

Hersey’s Safety encourages good workplace hygiene, and offers a range of sanitisers that will ensure good hygiene. View our range online, or visit our showroom at Unit 1/80 Solomon Road, Jandakot, WA. Contact us if you have any queries – we are only too happy to help and ensure your needs are matched with the best product on the market.

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