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Fire safety equipment suppliers Perth

A fire on any building site, transport vehicle, place of business, and more, can be disastrous. The equipment you need depends on the risk of fire occurring and the likely consequences if it does. It can range from a single extinguisher on small low risk sites or office buildings, to complex fixed installations on large and high risk sites. Whatever equipment is needed make sure that:

  • Fire safety equipment is located where it is really needed and is easily accessible
  • The location of fire-fighting equipment and how to use it is clearly indicated
  • The right sort of extinguishers are provided for the type of fire that could occur
  • The equipment provided is regularly and well maintained.

Hersey’s Safety, your fire safety equipment suppliers, offer advice on the type of fire extinguisher/s you will need at your premises or vehicle, including:

  • Chemical extinguishers for wood, paper, plastic, oils and fats
  • Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) extinguishers for electrical fires
  • Air foam fire extinguishers for wood, paper, plastic as well as flammable and combustible liquids.

Is your site or premises compliant with regulations covering fire safety? Contact Hersey’s Safety and let us answer any of your questions. Consider too investing in respiratory protection in certain industries.

View our range online and visit our showroom for other safety workwear including hi vis workwearpersonal protective equipment and signs and safety equipment.

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